A Brooke Bride is deeply in love with her best friend and puts value in her relationships with family and closest friends.  She is confident in her style and wants her wedding day to be told through beautiful images.  A Brooke Bride has incurable wanderlust, is always up for a challenge, and is kind and thoughtful to those around her.  She is looking for a photographer who can match her passion and deliver a wonderful experience along her wedding planning journey.  Her wedding day has romantic and classic elements and maybe even a dash of whimsy.  She can't wait to start her newest adventure with the love of her life.

Could you be a Brooke Bride?


Becoming a Brooke Bride

I truly love working with women. I enjoy making them feel beautiful and confident.  One of the things that I have come to appreciate with my Brooke Brides is their trust. When a bride decides she wants to work with me she has decided to trust me and embrace my style. Every artist is different. Having someone's trust allows me, as an artist, to create my very best work. I love creating beautiful portraits for all my Brooke Brides.

 "She becomes friends with her clients which allows her to truly capture the personalities and chemistry of the people she is photographing.”

- Marian

By this time on our journey together, I’ve bonded with you as a couple during the engagement session, gushed over you and your dress during bridals, and now is the big day. I love walking to the bridal suite and getting to say hello to you. I love each and everyone of my brides and my heart overflows with joy for you on your special day. I can’t wait to give you a hug and say hello.

My favorite parts of the wedding day.

saying hello


I love starting off my day with the beautiful details! I utilize this quiet time to warm up. It helps me gain my focus for the rest of the day. Oftentimes my brides will include family heirlooms and other sentimental pieces that tie in their love story. Each piece has value and I love getting to see what is meaningful to my bride.

My favorite parts of the wedding day.

bridal details


First looks have a magic to them that is difficult to put into words. They are often composed of raw emotions and affection, mixed in with surprise and anticipation. It is the most intimate moment of a wedding day and it gets me misty eyed. every. single. time!!

My favorite parts of the wedding day.

the first look


These are the prints that will be placed on mantles and nightstands; the pictures that your grandchildren will admire in years to come. These images will bring you back to a place in time where your love for each other was about to reach a whole new frontier. These images will be a measurement of how far you’ve come on your journey together. Because they are so impactful and meaningful, they hold a special place in my heart.

My favorite parts of the wedding day.

bride & groom portraits


“I love Megan Brooke Photography! Megan helped me feel relaxed on the most stressful day of any girl’s life, the wedding day. I had full confidence in her. She gave me clear direction in every detail from what to do with my hands and my expression. Not only was her finished work amazing, but the experience overall is a sweet memory of mine. And thanks to Megan’s cute, fun personality, she made me smile naturally. I’d recommend Megan Brooke Photography to anyone, which I already do on a continual basis. She will give you professional pictures, lasting memories and a great overall experience.” 

- Meredyth


I don’t take on every bride that comes my way, and I do have a reason for being selective. I believe that we should have a good chemistry together. You will be with me throughout the whole wedding day, and because of that I want to add joy to your day and not just be present. Also, I put a lot of my soul into my work. I want to work with brides who recognize my value and trust my judgement. I usually don't take on more than 7 brides a year. I do this to give each of my brides my full attention and a good experience. Becoming a Brooke Bride means something deeper to me and I want all of my brides to feel the same way.

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