Wedding Questionnaire

This first section is just basic information about the wedding day! Here are a few tips to know beforehand:

1. Make sure there is natural light in the room where the bride will be getting ready (window light). This makes a world of difference in your images! I promise!
2. If possible, try to have all bridal details together before the photographer arrives. (Dress, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, garter, veil, etc) This will make the detail shots more efficient!
3. Keep the area near the window free of trash, bags, snacks, etc. This will be where the bride will be putting on her dress! (We don’t need any Aquafina bottles in our bridal portraits.)
4. Allow more time than you think you need to get ready! It’s better to be safe than rushed!
5. Relax and have fun! You’re getting married!!

this questionnaire is my roadmap to your wedding day. It is SO important! this will take you a good bit of time to fill out. so pour yourself a glass of wine, relax, and be as detailed as you can be. I will be singing your praises when this is completed! 

Q. What address should I arrive at first? (where is the bride getting ready) Please give actual address for GPS purposes.

Q. Please List Addresses to the CEREMONY & RECEPTION locations:

Q. What time will the bride arrive at the ceremony location?

Q. What time have we decided that I should start shooting?

Q. Based on the coverage time you have purchased and our starting time, what time will we be ending our coverage?

Q. Will you be doing any type of “Exit” from your reception? If so, what time will this take place?

Q. If there is travel time to and from your different venues, please include that time so I am aware of it. 

Q. Names of the Maid of Honor and Best Man:

Q. Can you provide me with a rough timeline of the wedding day? If we haven’t already discussed this in detail, now is the time! I would love to help you create a timeline that will allow for plenty of beautiful portraits and a stress-free day! If you’re sharing a FIRST LOOK, I will need to start shooting bridal details at LEAST 2.5 hours before the ceremony. 3 hours is recommended if there is no extensive travel time to the ceremony venue.

Q. How many Bridesmaids? (including Maid of Honor)

Q. How many Groomsmen? (including the Best Man)

WEDDING VENDOR INFORMATION: This information is important in the event of an emergency on the wedding day & it is also needed if your wedding is submitted for publication (magazines or blogs). When submitting to any publication, they will need all of your vendor information. Please complete whatever information applies to your wedding! Little details are the best! ex: your necklace was your GREAT grandmothers that she wore on her wedding day! When I KNOW these details, I can make sure that I capture everything that has sentimental value to you!

Q. Dress: Designer and Place of purchase (Website and Contact info) 

Q. Florist (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Ceremony Venue (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Reception Venue: (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Wedding Planner / Coordinator (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!) Q. DJ/ Entertainment Services (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Videographer: (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Cake: (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Catering: (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. Bridesmaids Dresses: Designer & place of purchase (Website and EMAIL if available) : 

Q. Groomsmen and Groom attire (Website and EMAIL if available):

Q. Invitations (Website and EMAIL PLEASE!)

Q. What are your COLORS? This will help me as I prepare to shoot your details!

Q. Favors:

Q. Please list any other vendors that were a part of your big day!

Q. Honeymoon location:

Q. How many guests are you planning on having at your wedding?

Q. How many guests are you planning on having at your wedding?
FAMILY FORMALS: Family formals do not have to take over 20 minutes. However, this is only possible if we are organized beforehand! Please list ten different groupings for family photos. For example: 1. Bride and groom with parents. 2. Bride and Groom with grandparents. 3. Bride and Groom with siblings. With- in these groupings, you can have more than one shot (ex. B&G with Grooms parents, B&G with Brides Parents, etc.) If you have a very large family and more than 10 group photos, I suggest saving some of the extended family shots until the reception so that family portrait time will not interfere with your romantic portraits and you will not keep your guests waiting at the reception. Please inform me of any family mem- bers that may not get along and/or may not want to be grouped with a certain other family members so that we can avoid and awkward interactions during family formals. Thank you!!

Q. Please list 10 Family Groupings for Family Portraits:

(Please include names so that I can call family members by their first name as we organize the portraits)

EX: B&G with Bride’s Parents (Kevin & Brenda) ALSO, please specify if there are STEP PARENTS and STEP SIBLINGS involved in portraits.

Q. Are there any divorces or separations that I should be aware of during family formals? Any family situations I should be aware of?

Q. Are their any RULES or REGULATIONS for photographers at your ceremony location? 

Q. Is there anything I should be aware of on the wedding day? Surprises? Gifts? Etc?

Q. What address should I use to send your package to you after the wedding? And can I use this address BEFORE the wedding??

Q. Do you have a Pinterest Inspirational Board for your Wedding, Engagement, Etc.? If so, could you provide the link?


Your wedding questionnaire is now completed.